Game - Zombie Must Die! Pc Game

Reload your shotgun, sharpen your sword and rev that chainsaw; Deadhill town is teeming with zombies, and it’s your job to put ‘em down! The fate of humanity rests in the hands of four unlikely heroes: Jack, the gamer; Rachel, the girl; Brian, the geek; and Luxo, the alien. Go it alone, or enlist the services of up to three like-minded chums to survive the zombie apocalypse.

The spiritual successor to Burn Zombie Burn!, All Zombies Must Die! builds on the classic twin-stick shooter formula with a smattering of role-playing features. Level up characters, complete side quests and collect items to craft deadly new weapons.

Genre: Action, RPG, Indie
Developer: Doublesix Games
Publisher: Doublesix Games
Release Date: 12 Mar 2012

credit to uploader_ bro edwinkyr

Credit & thank buat uploader, ga mungkin gw kuat upload game segede gajah gitu :D

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